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Mask Duo


Give them the gift of revitalized skin. Our weekly 2-step routine is packed with active ingredients to leave the skin nourished and balanced. Featuring our Intense Peel Mask and Intense Hyaluronic Mask, this powerful combo will tighten and exfoliate while replenishing the skin layers to hydrate from deep within. 

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helaas niet voor mij

Ik vermoed dat ik een allergische reactie heb voor deze producten. Paar maal geprobeert, en uiteindelijk besloten om het weg te gooien.

Dear Bettina

Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like what you have experienced is a normal flushing reaction due to the AHA acids. This is completely normal and actually to be expected when using a chemical peel mask like our Intense Peel Mask.

Our Intense Peel Mask contains two types of AHA acids: glycolic acid and lactic acid. These are skin-friendly acids that effectively exfoliate, dissolve dead skin cells, and promote collagen production. However, as these are exfoliating acids, temporary redness is a completely expected response, indicating the product is effectively doing its job.

I'm interested in learning more about the nature of the reaction – did you experience a burning sensation and/or itchiness or was is only redness/flushing that subsided after some time? As I mentioned earlier, it is it completely normal to experience redness after applying the mask, but the redness usually subsides after a few hours and does not involve small knobs/and burning.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Anét woods_