Our skin first philosophy

Nordic nature bottled

Deep blue fjords, snow-covered mountains, lush forests, and precious berries. In cold Nordic latitude, nature holds some of our planet’s most powerful ingredients. We choose our ingredients for their potent and effective benefits to the skin.


Non-Toxic, Clean, Simple

Our approach to beauty and health is holistic and minimalistic. For us, less is definitely more — and we aim to strengthen and protect skin’s natural defence. Ingredients should be pure, natural and organic and, ultimately, they should work.


Realness, always

We like to keep things honest, and we’re not about half-truths. We have a no BS approach to everything from breaking down ingredient lists to choosing packaging and saying no to most certificates. And we’d love to tell you why.


High-performance skincare

Formulated by scandinavian experts, our products are highly active and sciencebacked - to deeply penetrate, protect, and effectively boots healthy processes.


The history

woods_ copenhagen is built on a vision to combine naturalness, ecology, and efficiency to create products that work.When Martin Lyne’s, the founder of woods_, daughter got diagnosed with atopic eczema in 2014, a long and frustrating journey into the world of skincare began.On a foundation of honesty and uncompromisingness, he created woods_ copenhagen: Strengthening, protective, and enriching products packed with strong, active ingredients.

Produced in denmark

Scandinavian experts

Clean, natural & organic

Backed by Science

We care about the environment & acknowledge our responsibility

Responsibility and respect for nature and the human body are the very core of our brand – from organic, vegan, & non-toxic ingredients to responsible sourcing and packaging.