Organic & natural ingredients

Honesty is one of our best policies. Responsible production and respect for both nature and the body are the core of our brand, and it’s, therefore, our noblest task to provide you with everything you need to know to treat your skin the way it deserves.

But a skincare world filled with misleading communication, a jungle of certifications and terms, as well as confusing ingredient lists that aren’t as black and white as you might think, can be hard to navigate in. Luckily, we’re (always) here to help. So, let’s start with the essence of our formulas: the ingredients.

What you apply to your skin will at some point get absorbed and thereby become part of your body’s system. Therefore, it’s essential that you solely enrich your skin with natural and organic ingredients and avoid questionable and harmful formulations.

woods_’ ingredients are grown without herbicides and pesticides, as this process both reduces the environmental impact and strengthens the effects of the ingredients. This way, you’re sure that you’re only applying ingredients that want the best for your skin. Meanwhile, natural and organic ingredients will be more gentle on the skin, as they don’t contain harsh preservatives or synthetic perfumes that can end up irritating the skin and therefore do more harm than good.

Maybe you’ve wondered why you can’t track down organic certifications on our website – and maybe it’ll surprise you that opting out of these is a completely conscious choice on our part. We’ve chosen not to use organic certifications mainly because these are offered by private companies that’re often driven by a commercial purpose, which doesn’t correspond with the values that our approach to organic ingredients and naturalness is built upon.

Meanwhile, the amount of organic ingredients it takes for a product to be labeled as organic is so low that the certification can end up misleading the consumer, thereby defeating the purpose of using them, according to us.

Therefore, we’ve chosen to communicate our products’ content of organic and natural ingredients transparently on our website. Meaning, even though our ingredients aren’t 100% organic or natural, you’re always 100% aware of what you’re applying to your skin. Should you be left with some questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form on our website.

At woods_, we don’t do half-truths. Therefore, it’s no secret that our products aren’t 100% organic – and we’ll gladly tell you why. Because we believe that knowledge is the key to making the most beneficial choices for your skin. All woods_ products contain a certain amount of natural and organic ingredients – and there’re more than one reason that this number isn’t 100%.

One reason is that not all active ingredients can be labeled as organic – simple as that. For example, water, which works as a transportation method for the active ingredients and helps them dissolve and perform their best in the skin, can never be classified as organic. Therefore, the content of water will automatically lower the range of organic ingredients indicated on the product. Because of this, some ingredients can’t be labeled as organic even though they’re extracted from a natural source. Likewise, many of our products contain a small amount of non-natural ingredients. For example, it’s important that a cream contains non-toxic preservatives, so bacteria and mold won’t develop in the product.

Shortly put: A product doesn’t need to be 100% organic at any cost – it also needs the right ingredients that can help it keep its promises to you and your skin.

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