Collection: Hand Care

Skincare all the way down to the fingertips. Our hand care collection is made with 100% natural cleansing actives, powerful antioxidants, and pure oils to nourish and protect the hands without stripping or harming their natural defence. 



Hand Care

From silky-soft hands to strong cuticles

Formulations enriched with strong antioxidants, organic oils, and 100% natural cleansing actives combine properties in our hand care collection. Our hand care collection is a selection of treating and moisturizing products of high quality, which strengthen, cleanse, and nourish the hands with organic and vegan ingredients. 

Our hands play a vital role in our everyday life, and it’s, therefore, essential to indulge them with the care, they deserve. With our hand care, you preserve your hands’ health while preventing seasonal dryness and damage. 

Hand care for every need 

There exist numerous types of hand care products that serve different purposes and enrich the skin in various ways. What type of hand care product you choose, should therefore depend on the results you wish for. 

The benefits of woods_ hand care 

With vegan, organic, and high-performance ingredients, you can safely nourish your hands with woods_ hand care without worrying about removing or damaging your skin’s natural defense. Rather, the ingredients in the products will work to strengthen the skin’s barrier. 

How do I keep my hands clean?

Spreading of bacteria via hands is one of the most common causes for diseases. Moreover, clean hands are an essential part of a hygienic appearance. Therefore, a thorough cleanse of your hands should be done several times a day. With our Aromatique Hydra Hand Wash, you get a refreshing hand soap formulated with 100% natural cleansing actives that don’t disturb the skin’s natural balance, but cleanses and protects the hands from free radicals and toxins. If you wish for a deeper cleanse, our Volcanic Grains Hydra Hand Wash effectively exfoliates the hands with grains of environmentally friendly volcanic rhyolite as well as natural cleansing actives. This treatment will also leave the skin silky-soft and bouncy. Moreover, Nourishing Sanitizer Gel and Nourishing Sanitizer Spray are ideal home products, as they will effectively disinfect and protect hands from bacteria and grime – even when you’re in a rush.

Should I use a hand cream or hand lotion?

When it comes to hand care, it’s essential to treat dry hands early, as the condition can gradually worsen and cause damages, cracks, and other irritations. A hand cream will typically be thicker in its consistency due to a richer content of oils. A hand cream can therefore be an ideal choice for dryer skin types, as it will form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface that will protect against moisture loss. Our Repairing Hand Balm is essential if you want to protect and nourish your hands while treating and preventing damages. A hand lotion will, on the contrary, have a more lightweight formula due to its high content of water and therefore absorb faster into the skin. These are therefore ideal for oily skin types, as they won’t add excess oil to the skin, but still give the necessary amount of moisture. Try our Restoring Antioxidant Hand Lotion for an immediate moisture boost and a strengthened barrier.

Why exfoliate your hands?

While a hand soap effectively removes grime and toxins on the skin’s surface, an exfoliating hand soap will cleanse deep within the skin layers and revitalize the skin by exfoliating away dead skin cells.

Why choose natural cleansing actives?

All soaps and cleansing products from woods_ contain solely natural cleansing actives, as harsh chemicals can disturb the skin’s natural moisture balance and oil production, which can lead to more damage than good.

Do you need help?

We don’t believe in half-truths – only honest communication. Therefore, we’re always ready to help you obtain a skincare routine that fits exactly your skin. You’re more than welcome to contact us – we will gladly guide you towards the products that can address your needs and wishes.