100% CO2 compensated shipping - every time

At woods_, we strive to always protect the nature that enriches both our everyday life and our skincare products with essential, nourishing ingredients. Therefore, we’ve decided to collaborate with the Earth-minded initiative Planet App via Shopify, which makes it possible for our deliveries to be 100% CO2 compensated. Every time.

How it works

Every month, Planet App calculates the total quantity of CO2 emissions generated by our deliveries, after which we donate an equivalent amount for projects that cover the environmental cost of our deliveries, thereby counteracting the emissions and ensuring that our shipping is 100% CO2 neutral. This cooperation gives us the opportunity to reduce our climate footprint while simultaneously supporting planet-friendly projects in woods_’ spirit. Of course, this is completely free of charge for you, but it makes a significant difference to the climate and nature that surrounds us.

Where the difference is made

This all sounds great, but how is it possible? We’re glad you asked! When supporting Planet App, we also help finance innovative projects such as reforestation and soil storage – a process where a given amount of carbon is extracted from the atmosphere and stored for extended periods of time to reduce pollution. What these initiatives have in common is that they all share one, united goal: To protect the planet, we hold so dear. A goal we commit to as well.

Your part

These small yet powerful steps are what help us secure and preserve our environment and ecosystems with the hope that many generations after us will get to enjoy them.

Therefore, know that when you choose to shop at woods_ copenhagen, you choose planet-friendly skincare, both in the products’ natural ingredients and responsible production, but also in their 100% CO2 compensated delivery. So we thank you too. 💙💚