Collection: Moisturize

Gels, creams, and oils enriched with natural and organic ingredients uniquely formulated to meet different skin needs and preferences. Keep your skin fully hydrated all day long with our selection of moisturizers. 




The benefits of moisturizing products 

A healthy moisture balance is vital for the skin’s well-being and appearance, as replenished skin will be more resilient towards skin concerns and therefore both feel and look healthier. 

Whether you’re trying to combat skin concerns like dryness, impurities, premature signs of aging, or simply dull and lackluster skin, moisturizing products may very well be the remedy your skin is longing for. With instantly hydrating and deeply moisturizing benefits, you’re ensured enriching properties that’ll leave your complexion with a vital glow, healthy feel, and buttery-smooth finish. 

Hydrating and moisturizing ingredients can work in different ways. Some work on the skin’s surface to encapsulate moisture while performing as a shield against external factors such as pollution. Others work deep within the skin to provide a long-lasting moisture boost and preserve the skin’s natural moisture balance.   

Different types of moisturizing products

There’re many ways to provide the skin with the moisture it needs and deserves. A facial moisturizer should (at least) always be part of your daily rituals, but it can be highly beneficial to add other enriching products to your routine for the best results possible.  


At woods_, you’ll find a selection of moisturizers created from lightweight formulas infused with the powerful, moisture-binding ingredient hyaluronic acid, which works as a magnet for moisture on both the skin’s surface and deep within the skin layers. These are our Daily Hydra Cream, Daily Hydra Cream Sensitive, 24-Hour Hydra Gel, and Daily Mineral Gel. 

Vitamin A Treatment Cream

Our Vitamin A Treatment Cream is blended with organic botanical extracts, Nordic nutrients, and ceramides to leave the skin soothed, rejuvenated, and visibly healthier. However, the main character of this formula is the addition of vitamin A, which works on a deep cellular level to effectively speed up cell renewal to target fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. 

If you’re new to vitamin A, start by using the product 2-3 times a week. Then gradually increase use to once every day as tolerated by the skin. 

Vitamin Face Oil

Our enriching Vitamin Face Oil contains a unique molecular formula which ensures it is quickly absorbed to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration on both the skin’s surface and below. With a nourishing combination of organic argan oil and natural cloudberry, this indulging oil both softens, replenishes, and strengthens the skin.

When does the skin need moisture? 

If the skin doesn’t get a sufficient amount of moisture, it’ll gradually turn more dry and dull, while its texture will feel more harsh and rough to the touch. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it regularly nourished with the right products.

When should I moisturize? 

We recommend you use your moisturizer twice a day as well as after long periods of exposure to sun and dry climate, as well as after a shower.    Generally, when you should apply moisture depends on your skin’s individual needs, and if you, for example, experience a tight feeling in the skin, this can be a tell-tale-sign of lack of moisture. 

Should I moisturize even though I have oily skin? 

Oily skin types also need daily moisture. Actually, if you don’t moisturize your skin enough, you can stimulate it to produce an excess amount of oil to compensate, which can lead to impurities, clogged pores and worsen your skin’s oily condition.

Do you need help?

We don’t believe in half-truths – only honest communication. Therefore, we’re always ready to help you obtain a skincare routine that fits exactly your skin. You’re more than welcome to contact us – we will gladly guide you towards the products that can address your needs and wishes.