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Skincare from the neck down. 100% focused on 97% of your skin, and the perfect companions for making your skin happy and healthy from your shoulders to your toes. Create an effective body care regimen with our selection of products below. 



Body Care

Body lotion, body wash, body oil. All these are products that help preserve the skin’s defense and silky-soft touch.  By keeping the skin perfectly balanced, body care helps prevent dryness, impurities, and irritation while replenishing the skin to promote faster healing processes.  

Different types of body care products 

There exist numerous types of body care products, which all work to improve your skin’s condition, appearance, and health – just in different ways. 

Choose the right ingredients for your skin type 

Skin types are different and can therefore possess different needs. At woods_, you’ll find a wide selection of organic skincare enriched with high-performance and nourishing ingredients. Our Body Oil is fragrance-free and formulated with 100% natural ingredients. With its properties to soften, strengthen, and soothe the skin, it’s the ideal choice for dry and sensitive skin types, as it will also work to anti-irritate the skin. 

As an imbalanced oil production can lead to dryness and impurities, you should always avoid harsh chemicals when choosing your body wash. Our Soothing Body Wash is created with 100% natural cleansing actives to leave the skin clean and nourished without disturbing its natural environment.  

Our Niacinamide Body Lotion is ideal for all skin types due to its numerous abilities, but is especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin types. With its addition of niacinamide, this body lotion will not only hydrate the skin from the inside out, but also soothe, treat, and strengthen it. 

Why should you use a natural deodorant? 

Avoiding harsh ingredients in deodorants is vital to protect your skin health and comfort, as harsh ingredients like aluminum compounds and synthetic fragrances can lead to e.g. irritation and allergic reactions. Opting for deodorants with natural, gentle ingredients helps prevent these issues, as these products will neutralize odor without blocking sweat glands. Our natural, vegan, and aluminum-free Deo Roll-On glides on smoothly to keep armpits feeling fresh and odorless all day long – the natural way. 

How do I care for dry and damaged skin’? 

Dry and damaged skin can occur due to a variety of factors, both external and internal. Some common reasons for dry and damaged skin include lack of moisture, harsh weather conditions, overwashing or using harsh cleansers. If your skin is showing signs of being dry or damaged, it’s important to take steps to nourish and repair it. Make sure to use gentle ingredients, drink plenty of water, and avoid overly hot showers, as these can dry out the skin further. 

Our Repair Body Balm is the perfect remedy for skin in need of a boost. This multipurpose balm softens, optimizes, and repairs dry and damaged skin thanks to a dose of nourishing and regenerating shea butter as well as protective, wildcrafted berries.  

Why use body lotion?

Body lotion contains a lightweight formula that replenishes deep within the skin as well as hydrating ingredients that absorb moisture from the air into the skin to enhance a smooth and buttery-soft surface.

Why use body oil?

Body oils absorb quickly into the skin to leave it smooth, bouncy, and thoroughly hydrated. Moreover, a body oil will nourish deep within the skin, treat damaged skin, and strengthen its barrier.

Why use body wash?

A body wash contains body-friendly soaps that cleanse the skin of impurities as well as grime, sweat, and pollution.

Do you need help?

We don’t believe in half-truths – only honest communication. Therefore, we’re always ready to help you obtain a skincare routine that fits exactly your skin. You’re more than welcome to contact us – we will gladly guide you towards the products that can address your needs and wishes.