Collection: Dull Skin

Dealing with lackluster skin in need of a vitality boost? We all strive for that vibrant, revitalized complexion that promotes the healthy glow, we adore – but sometimes, certain conditions can prevent our skin from complying with our wishes. If your skin has taken up a dull, sallow appearance, it might be its way of telling you it needs a helping hand. Here’s how to respond to the signs of dullness, your skin is giving you. 



Dull Skin

A routine tailored for dull skin 

Keep it glowy with a routine tailored especially to keep your skin bouncy and radiant Keep it glowy with a routine tailored especially to keep your skin bouncy and radiant (we listed the products in the ideal order for your routine): 

Daily Foaming Cleanser: To keep skin clean and fresh with 100% natural cleansing actives that won’t disturb the skin’s natural oils.  

Skin Perfector SeboClear: Gentle and daily leave-on exfoliant that effectively clears up clogged pores and smooths bumpy texture to leave a bright, even, and flawless complexion. 

Daily Hydra Cream: Infused with the wonders of hyaluronic acid to keep your skin smooth and supple. 

 Additions: Indulge your skin with a vitality boost with a weekly exfoliation. For sensitive or breakout-prone skin, we recommend our rejuvenating Intense Peel Mask or Deep Cleansing Mask, whereas our Deep Cleansing Scrub is an ideal choice for a mechanical exfoliation that’ll leave your skin thankful. Supply your daily routine whenever, wherever with our Niacinamide Lifting Mist for a boost of concentrated, strengthening care and replenishing hydration. 

What is dull skin?

Dull skin is most often characterized by a lack of radiance often combined with a dry, uneven, and listless surface. And though we all know that our skin can’t be looking its best at all time, there’re remedies to treat and prevent the dull and tired-looking appearance. But first, it’s essential to know what causes the issue. Dehydration and lack of moisture are some of the most common causes of dull skin, as an imbalanced moisture barrier and content can affect both the looks and health of your skin. Many especially experience this effect during the colder season, where the skin often takes up a lifeless appearance due to harsh and cold climate drying it out. Build-up of dead skin cells is another infamous reason for dull skin, as the extra layer of dry, broken-down skin blocks the new, healthy skin cells from reaching the surface. Other common reasons for dull skin are smoking and lack of sleep, so it might be valuable to look into your daily habits if you wish for that revitalized glow. Aging is another accelerator for dull skin – and though it’s inevitable (and beautiful) to age, specific products and ingredients can help keep your complexion luminous for years to come.

How do I treat dull skin?

Healthy habits can go a long way in helping your skin back on track. Hydration is key, and it’s therefore essential to keep your skin replenished inside out by drinking lots of water and applying a nourishing moisturizer daily. To rid your skin of the dreaded layer of dead skin cells and harmful bacteria, turn to a weekly, cleansing exfoliator. If you have sensitive or breakout-prone skin, we’d advise you to opt for a chemical exfoliation, whereas other skin types can benefit from both mechanical and chemical exfoliations to reveal new, fresh skin cells and enhance a glowy surface.

Go-to ingredients for dull skin

Some exfoliating ingredients praised for their ability to rejuvenate the skin’s surface include: Glycolic acid, which actively removes impurities to prevent clogging of pores while being gentle on the skin and not disturbing its natural oils. Salicylic acid, which penetrates deep within the skin to unclog pores without causing irritation while sloughing away dead skin cells. Lactic acid to refresh, renew, and nourish the skin. Another ingredient that belongs on your skincare shelf if you’re dealing with dull skin, is hyaluronic acid. With its unique ability to quench thirsty skin with intense hydration, this power-ingredient effectively increases the skin’s elasticity levels and leaves it with a bouncy, plump complexion. To keep your skin strong and resilient, add vitamin B3, or niacinamide, to your routine for protecting, restoring, and treating properties – among many others.