Collection: Enlarged Pores

Though enlarged pores are a very common skin concern, we can’t deny that they sabotage our dreams of a smooth and even-looking complexion. And though we can’t rid them completely off our skin (trust us, it’s a good thing that it isn’t possible), there’re ways to minimize their appearance.  



Enlarged Pores

A routine tailored for enlarged pores/blackheads 

Let’s keep it smooth with a routine that minimizes pores and enhances what we love about our skin. Get the glow with these power-products (we listed the products in the ideal order for your routine): 

Daily Foaming Cleanser: Keep your skin clean and fresh with 100% natural cleansing actives that’ll keep your skin’s moisture content protected. 

Skin Perfector 2% BHA: The powers of 2% BHA (salicylic acid), lactic acid, and natural willow bark extract come together in this strong formula to effectively cleanse clogged pores and leave an even, glowy surface. 

Daily Hydra Cream: Balancing, intensely hydrating, and nourishing. That’s all we really need to say about this true must-have for any enriching routine.  

Deep Cleansing Mask: Boost your routine 1-2 times a week with this purifying mask. Containing both AHA and BHA, Deep Cleansing Mask possesses deeply cleansing, purifying, and radiance-enhancing properties to leave your skin’s appearance immediately optimized. Smooth touch, check. Soft bounce, check. Glowy surface, check! 

What are enlarged pores and blackheads?

What does it even mean to have enlarged pores, and why do they occur? We’ve made it easier to get to know your skin even better: Pores are small openings in the skin, which all contain a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland, which produces an oily substance called sebum. If the sebaceous gland overproduces sebum and this substance mixes with e.g. dead skin cells or bacteria on the skin, the pore will become clogged and appear enlarged. The clogged pores show up on the skin as visible, dark dots. Other common reasons for clogged pores can be: A breakdown of the skin’s elasticity, usually due to collagen loss, which makes the skin around the pore stretch and hence the pore appears larger. Sun exposure and genetics can also play a role, if you seem to have naturally enlarged pores. An overproduction of sebum that fills the pore, making it stretch out.

How do I treat enlarged pores and blackheads?

As your pores are small transportation tunnels in your skin and they’re where your hair follicles grow, they’re very necessary. And though you can’t remove your enlarged pores, a good, deep cleanse within the pores can help minimize the appearance of them. This can be done with an exfoliator, as this type of treatment will help remove build-up and excess oil from the skin – the exfoliation will therefore also offer the skin preventive properties, as it’ll work to prevent formation of breakouts. At woods_, we love to use an exfoliating mask, such as our Deep Cleansing Mask, either during or after a shower, as the steam helps open up the skin to make it extra receptive to the many benefits of the mask. Other preventative tips to avoid your pores becoming enlarged include generally keeping your skin fresh and clean with a daily cleanser, e.g. our Daily Foaming Cleanser, as well as moisturizing frequently with a daily cream, such as our Daily Hydra Cream with replenishing hyaluronic acid, which will help keep your skin’s moisture content balanced to ensure a smooth and bouncy complexion. As the last step, a nourishing layer of sunscreen is mandatory to keep your skin protected from sun exposure.

Go-to ingredients for enlarged pores/blackheads

If you’re dealing with enlarged pores, AHA’s and BHA’s belong on your skincare shelf. These are exfoliating ingredients that help keep the skin clean from deep within, as they work to decongest clogged pores, thereby both treating and preventing breakouts and blackheads. AHA’s, short for alpha-hydroxy acids, are water-soluble chemical exfoliants that work mostly on the skin’s surface to remove dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more even-toned layer of skin cells. Glycolic and lactic acids are examples of acknowledged AHA’s that help enhance a smooth result time after time. BHA’s, or beta-hydroxy acids, are oil-soluble chemical exfoliants that has the ability to penetrate deep within the skin to decongest clogged pores and remove excess sebum. Therefore, this type of exfoliation is an extra good choice for oily and breakout-prone skin tones to break up with breakouts once and for all. Salicylic acid is a well-known type of BHA in skincare.