4 basic things your skin will thank your for

basic things for your skin

Let’s face it. Looking and feeling our best give us confidence and boost our mood exceptionally. Beautiful skin does not only affect our appearance, but also our whole mood and quality of life for the better. We can all relate to the feeling of being in a situation where you’ve made plans, and suddenly you wake up with a pimple or rash. Luckily, there’s much you can do to prevent this with a good and consistent skincare routine. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it.

1. Drink your water!

Plenty of water inside is just as important to your skin as all the treatments and creams on the outside. And since a healthy appearance and beautiful complexion do not just occur overnight (oh, how we wish it did!), beginning and ending the day with lots of water might be the ultimate shortcut to healthy skin. You probably already know all the important health benefits of drinking water daily. Water aids with and contributes to better digestion, circulation, absorption, and even regeneration. But do you also know all the positive effects water actually has on your skin? Water moisturizes the skin from the inside and cleanses away waste that stresses or drains the skin, while minerals in the water are good for the skin’s overall radiance and glow.

Get your hydration on 

You’re probably wondering how that is possible. The fact is, skin is a living organ and just like any other part of our body, skin is made up of cells. Moreover, the skin cells consist of water that is vital for our skin and organs to function optimally, well, and at their best. Let's say your skin doesn't get enough water. The lack of hydration will show itself in form of dry, tight, and flaky skin. Thirsty and dry skin is less resilient and more prone to wrinkles – and the other way around – skin cells which are well-supplied with water will keep your skin soft, hydrated, and beautiful.

2. Wash your face everyday 

None of us are alone in the struggle of imperfect skin and the emotional impact it actually has in our everyday life. As the idea of helping your skin by drinking water, washing your face daily is especially one of the crucial things you can help your skin with. When it all comes down to the most important step of your skincare routine; this one can make a world of difference, if you skip it.

So, why is cleansing so important? 

Alone the very thought of waking up with glaring breakouts when you look in the mirror is frightening and affects not only the appearance of our skin, but also our confidence. Our skin acts as a barrier against external “threats”, but consider if you stopped cleansing your face. Dirt, pollutants, microbes, dead skin cells, and breakouts are few of the concerns you will encounter without cleansing. This build-up on the skin can lead to textural issues and poor radiance, because it prevents your skin from renewing itself and in very extreme cases, clogged pores can lead to breakouts.

Forgetting to cleanse your face, is like forgetting brushing your teeth. No, but really, you get the picture, right.

At this point you’re probably not even reading anymore but running to the bathroom to wash your face. If this is the case, we’re happy that our words have inspired you! But just a tiny and important reminder: overdone is not well-done. Just because cleansing your face is important for the health and appearance of your complexion doesn't mean you should overdo it.

Tip: Make cleansing a happy habit, but do not over-wash. Over-washing is one of the reasons for dry, dull, and irritated skin – especially during winter. Listen and observe your skin and choose a mild cleanser (e.g. our Daily Foaming Cleanser) that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils but instead maintains the natural balance. No matter how late it is, how tired you are, or how many drinks you've had, always make time to wash away the day.     
Daily foaming cleanser

3. Choose your skincare with accuracy

Moisture. Protection. Nourishment. Moisturizers are for the skin as the perfect cheese is for pizzas… Just as our skin demands us to hydrate it with water, the skin also requires us to moisturize it. And after a thorough cleansing, it goes without saying that the skin will lack the fats that help maintain its natural balance.

Know your skin

Whether your skin is super dry, oily, or sensitive – or if you’re struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, a good and nourishing face cream is essential. The skin has an important barrier function that must be maintained to function well and optimally.

There is skincare for every type of skin – the most important thing is to find the one that is right for you and your skin. Become aware of what your skin needs, and which concerns you want the product to relieve – it’s so individual! The oily and combined skin might need a lighter cream that protects as well as provides less oil, while a sensitive and dry skin type might need treatment that carefully rebuilds a strong and healthy outer layer. The skin types are diverse, get to know yours in our previous blog post about skin types and discover which facial cream to choose here.

In the short term, moisturizing your skin lays the foundation for a vital, plumped skin. In the long term, consistent moisturizing helps decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin concerns.

Tip: As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to apply your moisturizer right after a shower, because the steam from the shower leaves the pores more receptive towards all the essential ingredients in the cream. 

4. Get your (beauty) sleep

Do you remember your beauty sleep (not everyone has that luxury, we know, but still)? Your skin reveals, if you’re not taking good care of yourself. Avoid stress and prioritize your sleep if you want healthy skin. Yes, it may sound like a cliché, but sleep is alpha omega for a healthy lifestyle and therefore healthy skin. Not only does too little sleep leave its clear traces in your body, but also on your complexion. Studies have shown that sleep has a major impact on the skin's ability to regenerate itself and stay healthy with a beautiful radiance. And vice versa, if you don’t get a deep and healing rest, your skin will age faster and lose its glow, which will make it look dull and tired. Some may also experience skin irritations and a tendency to develop dark circles.

Therefore, get a good and deep sleep as often as possible, so you can reduce all the after-effects, as the cellular renewal of the skin increases significantly at night.

Stay stress-free

Stress is not good for anything, not even your skin. Sleep loss produces the hormones that are also activated by stress, and when we’re stressed, our cortisol levels rise in the body. This may increase inflammation and sebum (skin fat) in the skin, which ultimately will irritate or directly cause impure skin. It’s easier said than done – we know. Many of us live a life where we have to carry out several different tasks during the day – and on weekends, there are other duties calling. Before we know it, a new week has started and it's back to where we began. Stress consumes both our energy and radiance, so for the sake of your skin (and overall health, naturally), slow down and take time to enjoy long walks in nature.   

Tip: For extra good sleep, leave your screens out of reach and completely switched off in bed, or make it easier to get into a deep sleep with a nice sleeping mask.