Meet Martin, the founder of woods_ copenhagen.

Martin’s journey into skincare started when his twin girls were diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Very soon he had to face the lack of products that were both natural and effective. And since compromise was not an option, a heartfelt mission began to make his daughters feel better, and this became the beginning of woods_.

Besides his twin girls, Scandinavian nature has always been another main source of inspiration for Martin. His goal is to lead you through a conscious journey into the world of skincare that will help simplify the concept of skincare, clear up confusion, and help you understand your skin better.Martin knows that skincare can be difficult to navigate, and this is exactly why he is here. He will make sure to decode all the misleading information that can be found around.

And of course, he will also tell you all about our products, without keeping any secrets, as transparency is one of our fundamental values!

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