On this page you will get more information on the conditions for taking part of the test, in the instance you are one of the lucky persons we reach out to.


Purpose of the test

The purpose of the test is to be an aid for Woods Copenhagen, so that we can improve our products for you as a consumer and ensure that the products have the best possible effect.

Further we would like to show you how amazing our products are. The test is therefore also a way for you to test out our products, and hopefully you will be just as impressed and happy for the effects they provide, as we are.

If you are chosen to be a test person, your results are therefore used to show others your results and experience with the product. Your experience will appear anonymous in the test result, also according to any pictures you might upload.  

For you to be able to take part in the test, you must be 18 years of age or older.


Important information

Your test results will be used as a part of our marketing across our platforms, such as websites and Instagram pages.

Your results and comments will appear anonymously, in the marketing across our platforms, without name or other personal information that could identify you.

If you upload any pictures of your result, you should try to take these in a way that cannot identify you. If you agree that we can use and post your pictures for marketing purposes, they will also appear anonymously, without name or other personal identifiable information.

Since Woods Copenhagen’s products are sold in different countries over the world, your results will also appear on our platforms in other countries as well (anonymously).


Information on the products

Which products you might be asked to test, are chosen from different factors depending on the product, hereunder your skin type.

If you are chosen, you will receive the amount and quantity of the product that are fitting for the test period of the product in question. Woods Copenhagen will determine what is fitting for the current product. 

The use of the products must be in accordance with our recommendations / guide throughout the period of use.

You are not allowed to use other products with similar effect during the test period of Woods Copenhagen’s products.


Contact Woods Copenhagen

Should you experience any side effects, signs of hypersensitivity, or allergic reaction to the skin, stop using the product immediately and contact Woods Copenhagen immediately. 

According to the GDPR, you have the right to know and have your personal information handed over, in relation to the information we have gathered on you. We delete every personal information on you after 6 months from your application. However, your results and comments (and pictures, if you have uploaded and agreed for us to use them in marketing efforts), will continue to being used as part of our marketing efforts on our online platforms, such as our websites and Instagram. Your result, comments and pictures will of course appear anonymously. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.


After the test period

Your entered information is stored for 6 months starting from the time you have completed and sent the application to become a test person. If you are offered to be a test person for one of WCPH's products, your information will continue to be stored for possible testing of another different product, after the first test period has ended. If you still wish to receive an offer to be a test person for WCPH's products after the period has expired, we’ll ask you to fill in a new form, as your information will be deleted automatically after 6 months.