3 ways to transform your beauty routine & go green

products to transform your beauty routine

From high-shine vinyl lips to Euphoria-inspired sequin lashes, there’s been an influx of shiny new beauty trends for 2020. But, undoubtedly, conscious beauty remains the leading trend. If you’re swayed by the fact that more and more beauty enthusiasts are eschewing their old habits to join the clean beauty movement, now is the time to hit refresh. From organic ingredients to cruelty-free makeup tools, there’s an array of eco-friendly alternatives to explore. Here are five key areas to transform your existing beauty routine... 

Say no to disposables

Cotton pads aren’t something we pay much attention to when powering through our skincare routine each day. But considering that cotton is one of the most environmentally demanding fibres — producing a simple white t-shirt requires the same amount of water that one person would drink in three years — throwing away cotton pads without thinking should be enough to fuel anyone’s eco-anxiety.  Instead, opt for reusable cotton cleansing pads which you can slip into your washing load after use and have on repeat. Likewise, a natural muslin cleansing cloth will reduce your need for disposable cotton pads, or why not just use a good old-fashioned flannel? If you can’t move to entirely reusable alternatives, ensure you are buying organic cotton pads that are easily identified by the Soil Association logo. But did you know that you can also obtain a thorough cleansing ritual – without any of these tools? At woods_, we love doing a double cleansing ritual. All we need is our Cleansing Balm, Daily Foaming Cleanser – and our hands! And of course, our packaging can be recycled (visit our site to see how). No waste here!

Deep cleansing scrub

Give natural deodorant a try

For years we’ve known that the compressed gases in aerosols have a harmful impact on CO2 emissions. But with very few eco-friendly deodorants on the market, the alternative of ‘going naked’ has been unthinkable. Now, there are hundreds of natural deodorant brands popping up — they work by neutralizing the bacteria on your body rather than blocking sweat glands, and keep you smelling fresh with naturally-derived ingredients like mint, lemon or cedarwood. What’s more, the aluminium-free formulation of these products is reputed to be better for your body than traditional spray-on deodorants. 

Want to invite a natural deodorant into your routines? Our Deo Roll-On is formulated with a blend of natural acids that gently exfoliates the skin while neutralizing odor to keep your underarms dry and fresh throughout the day. Rather than counteracting the skin's natural defenses, our Deo Roll-On is infused with organic aloe vera and cooling cucumber to leave the skin's natural barrier protected while providing a soothing effect.

Natural ingredients, always

There’s a huge amount of jargon in the beauty industry, which means it’s easy to be misled by greenwashing and false promises. What does ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ beauty really mean? It’s not uncommon to buy into a product thinking it’s eco-friendly, only to have a moment of stark realization that it’s, well, not. 
Buying into a beauty brand you trust is the simplest way to ensure your skincare contains only the best natural ingredients. At woods_, every product is formulated with a “less is more” approach that’s reliant on only powerful ingredients harvested from raw nature. Take, for instance, the cloudberry seed in the woods_ Vitamin Face Oil. This potent, Nordic berry is packed with nurturing antioxidants that help protect the skin, while its essential fatty acids help the skin to retain a healthy glow.  If you still haven’t joined the eco-friendly beauty movement, now is the time to strip back your skincare regime and start afresh — and woods_' range of organic skincare is the perfect place to start.