Prep your skin for summer: Dos and don’ts

Summer skincare dos and don'ts

To many, the summery season equates to remarkably more outdoorsy activity. But with long days of fun in the sun also follows a set of health risks for the skin. 

Therefore, we collected some of the most essential tweaks that can help supercharge your summer skincare routine to make sure your complexion gets through summer in one, glowy piece – from top to toe. As beneficial as possible, as indulging as your skin deserves it to be. Read along, as we present some of the most important dos and don’ts in prepping your skin for summer. 

Do: Opt for relieving ingredients 

Honest talk: Summer can be hard on the skin. And no matter how much we try to fortify our skin with SPF, dryness and sunburn sometimes just happen. To soothe reactions caused by sun damage, we suggest that you boost your daily regimen with nourishing ingredients that’ll work to rebalance your skin to keep your complexion calm and satisfied.  

We gathered a couple of our favorites and some of the woods_ products that bring them to your skincare shelf: 

Niacinamide: Niacinamide Lifting Mist & Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion

Aloe vera: Intense Hyaluronic Mask, Daily Foaming Cleanser, Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion, Soothing Body Wash, & our daily facial moisturizers

Psst… Store your facial creams and masks in your fridge for an extra reliving and cooling treatment.  

Don't: Skip exfoliation  

Occasionally, our skin needs a little help to revitalize itself – that’s where exfoliations enter the picture. These are effective methods of cleansing that work on the skin’s surface as well as deep within to decongest pores and lift away dead skin cells. In summer, some’s skin tends to be become oilier, making it prone to clog pores with debris, sweat, and bacteria – in other words: Making our pores a waiting room for potential breakouts. The remedy? Apply exfoliation to your routine to keep your skin clean, fresh, and rejuvenated.

Deep Cleansing Mask

Do: Hydrate - and then hydrate some more 

Hydration inside out is a must through every season, as our moisture balance plays an essential role in both our skin’s appearance and health. Replenished skin will therefore not only look plumper and smoother, but also be more supple and buttery-soft to the touch, thereby encouraging that vital glow, we strive for. Make sure you get your daily dose of water and pump your routine with ultra-hydrating ingredients such as: 

Glycerin – find it in our Volcanic Grains Hand Wash, Soothing Body Wash, & Intense Hyaluronic Mask.  

Shea Butter – find it in our Instant Repair Balm, Repair Body Balm, Repairing Hand Balm, & Vitamin A Treatment Cream

Hyaluronic acid – find it in our Intense Hyaluronic Mask, Daily Hydra Cream, & 24-Hour Hydra Gel

Don't: Overdo anything 

Nothing feels better than indulging in a refreshing cleanse, exfoliation, or pampering your complexion with a nourishing mask after a long day of making memories. 

And though we’re big supporters of any type of self-caring ritual, our mantra will always be: Moderation is key. Though your products might be highly beneficial and enjoyable, we always recommend that you stick to what’s needed to keep your skin’s natural balance intact.