Product pairings that make sense

Product pairings that make sense

Combining your favorite product with another can not only boost their properties, but also make the ritual all the more indulging. In this blogpost, we’re playing matchmakers, as we couple up some of our favorite product pairings that work wonders together. 

Dream of smooth skin? Say no more 

Daily Foaming Cleanser and Skin Perfectors sitting on a skincare shelf…

You probably know how that one goes. But our Daily Foaming Cleanser and Skin Perfectors truly are the perfect pair when it comes to fulfilling skin dreams of a clear and even complexion.

As Daily Foaming Cleanser gently removes build-up, pollution, and impurities with 100% natural cleansing actives, it’ll leave the skin a perfect canvas for your Skin Perfector and its mission: To improve the skin by evening out skin tone and texture, combatting impurities, and leaving a natural, flawless glow. These skin-loving products effectively clear clogged pores, smooth skin texture and even out skin tone to leave a flawless finish and instant glow. Everything we love – bottled up! Truly a match made in skincare-heaven.

The dog that'll elevate your bath rituals

Whether your shower rituals take place as a refreshing morning routine or is a way to wind down before bed in the evening, we got the product pair that’ll make the experience even more indulging.

Meet our Soothing Body Wash and Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion.

While Soothing Body Wash mildly cleanses and intensely hydrates the skin, Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion leaves a smooth and silky-soft finish while treating the skin with the multi-purpose ingredient niacinamide that protects, heals, and strengthens the skin (among lots of other properties!).

Get the most out of Vitamin A - our favorite pairings

We just welcomed our Vitamin A Treatment Cream to our collection and simply can’t let you miss out on the many perfect pairings that can help you achieve maximum effect of this power product.

Hyaluronic acid is an essential ingredient to open up the skin and make it extra receptive to all the benefits vitamin A will offer your skin. Meanwhile, this wonder-ingredient will make sure your skin stays perfectly hydrated to prevent the dryness that can occur while introducing your skin to vitamin A. That’s exactly why supplying your Vitamin A Treatment Cream with our Intense Hyaluronic Mask will enrich your skin in numerous ways.

Niacinamide is another ingredient that makes magic when combined with vitamin A, as niacinamide effectively prevents redness and irritations and – as vitamin A – counteracts hyperpigmentation. Our Niacinamide Lifting Mist and Vitamin A Treatment Cream is therefore a combo truly made for each other.  

And last, but definitely not least, SPF is a vital component to your vitamin A-containing routine. As vitamin A can leave your skin more sensitive to sunlight during the adaption phase, we recommend – as always – that you follow up your routine with a protective layer of SPF30 or higher, such as our SPF30 or SPF50