Mother’s Day: The routines of the mom-cycle

Skincare Routines for Mom

Mothers, mamas-to-be, or mother-figures of all kinds. They continuously impress us with their ever-going drive and affectionate hearts. In this blog post, we celebrate all the loving, supporting mothers out there by creating tailored routines for every part of the “mom cycle”, so she can easily create the enriching ritual, she deserves.  

Looking for the products your routine has been missing or inspiration for the perfect Mother’s Day’s gift? We got you. 

When expecting or nursing 

Standing with a positive test in hand can not only turn your world upside down, but also some of your daily routines and rituals – that goes for your skincare routine as well. When expecting or nursing, we always recommend you pay close attention to ingredient lists to skip ingredients that aren’t considered safe while being pregnant or nursing.  

With that said, lots of skincare out there are formulated with perfectly safe – not to mention enriching – ingredients to keep your skin healthy inside out. Here’s our simple yet beneficial routine for all the expecting or nursing mamas out there:  

Step 1: Daily Foaming Cleanser to gently cleanse the skin. 

Step 2: Intense Hydra Serum to counteract dryness. 

Step 3: Skin Perfector SeboClear to balance oil production and treat hyperpigmentation.  

Step 4: Daily Hydra Cream Sensitive to leave the skin hydrated and balanced. 

Step 5: Facial Sunscreen SPF30 to provide the skin with broad-spectrum protection. 

Psst… check our pregnancy-safe site on our website for a collection of all our pregnancy-safe products.

Skincare products for mom

Motherhood can be challenging - keep the skincare routine easy

Whether you’ve just welcomed your first child or you have a whole soccer team at home, we think we can all agree that the life of a mother tends to be fast-paced. Therefore, we’ve combined a simple routine of indulging products to keep her skin healthy and satisfied simply and easily: 

STEP 1: Daily Foaming Cleanser to keep the skin clean and refreshed. 

STEP 2: Niacinamide Lifting Mist with multiple purposes to strengthen, hydrate, and treat. 

STEP 3: Daily Hydra Cream to keep the complexion bouncy and glowy. 

STEP 4: Facial Sunscreen SPF30 to leave the skin protected and nourished. 

Of course, this routine can be moderated according to your specific skin concerns. If you have any questions regarding your skin type and its need, or symptoms showing up on your skin due to pregnancy, don’t hesitate to drop us a message. 

And if you’re looking to treat your mother a little extra, add a caring mask to the mix, such as our hydrating and rebalancing Intense Hyaluronic Mask that delivers plump and smooth skin time after time. Her skin deserves it, and so does she! 

Aging with grace: The ideal routine for Grandmothers 

Today, we celebrate motherhood – and yes, that definitely includes grandmothers as well. And though we love signs of aging, as every fine line resembles a moment in time, there’s no reason we can’t help our skin along by doing it gracefully. Gift inspiration or a treatment to yourself – this routine is gentle yet powerful indulgence in every way. 

STEP 1: Daily Foaming Cleanser to cleanse skin with 100% natural cleansing actives. 

STEP 2: Vitamin Lifting Serum with active ingredients and antioxidants for a dewy complexion and youthful glow. 

STEP 3: Vitamin A Treatment Cream to boost the skin’s natural collagen production and counteract fine lines and wrinkles. 

STEP 4: Facial Sunscreen SPF50 with protective, broad-spectrum sun filters and age-fighting antioxidants. 

BONUS: A Sculpting Face Gua Sha is the perfect gift for the woman who (almost) has it all. This skin-loving gem sculpts, tightens, and increases a healthy blood flow for more vital skin. Not to mention it delivers a relaxing massage, helping work products well into the skin while applying a de-stressing treatment.