Plump lips through every season

Plump lips through every season

From speaking and eating to expressing our emotions with a smile – our lips constitute a central part of our appearance and our everyday lives.

Yet, we often underestimate the importance of caring for this vulnerable part of our face – and the truth is, they require (and deserve) just as much love and attention as the rest of our skin. In this article, we're delving into the importance of lip care and explore the various factors that can affect their health and appearance. And of course, we share the key to keeping your lips soft, plump, and healthy.

The importance of lip care

Lip care is an often overlooked aspect of skincare routines, yet it holds significant importance, if you ask us. Just try to recall the discomfort and breach in our confidence that cracked, dry, or flaky lips can bring.

The skin on our lips is thinner and more delicate than the remaining skin of our body, making it more suspectable to damage from environmental factors like weather conditions and UV radiation. Therefore, we find that lip care should be a prioritized step of every thorough skincare routine, no matter the season.

Proper lip care involves regular hydration, protection from the sun with SPF lip balms, and occasional exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and reveal plump, dewy results. Here’s how we like to keep our lips soft, smooth, and healthy.

Mineral oils in lip care

Mineral oils are a substance found in a large section of cosmetic products on the market. The controversy surrounding mineral oils in lip care products typically concerns the risk of harmful particles (like MOSH and MOAH) being present in the formula, posing an ingestion risk. The problem is that mineral oil as an ingredient is good at giving you an (unfortunately, arguably false) idea that it actually soothes your lips. You can read more about how mineral oils in lip care can be a problem, and how to spot the substance on your ingredient list in our blogpost Are you inhaling toxic skincare?

But alas, many of us can’t go anywhere without our lip balms – especially during the cold months, where the low temperatures can really get a grip on our lips and lead to painful concerns. But summer can also be hard on the delicate skin, as these issues aren't solely symptoms of low temperatures. Rather, our lips can be also be affected by bacterias transferred through picking, or through saliva evaporating.

In other words: Dry and damaged lips can easily be an all-year occurence. Not to mention the increased sensitivity and dehydration that summer (unfortunately) brings along for some.

Hence, we definitely understand why you swear by your lip balms – therefore, this is not us telling you to discard your lip balm. We'd never! Luckily, there’re lots of wonderful alternatives to mineral oil-based products out there. Keep reading as we highlight some of our favorites.

Immediate and long-term results: Meet our lip treatments

Enriching lip balms that provide both immediate and long-term results? We got you.

Lip Repair

Our Lip Repair is formulated with organic beeswax, which creates a protective barrier on the skin while calming and nourishing it.

Furthermore, this wonderworking product is powered by intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid, which effectively penetrates the skin to hydrate from within while preventing moisture loss. Thereby, our Lip Repair not only performs as a shield against extraneous threats that can dry out or harm the lips, but also adds the extensive, necessary care that the skin has been longing for, leaving a plump and smooth result.

Oh, and did we mention that a nourishing mix of Nordic oils also cater for the skin during the treatment?

Instant Repair Balm

Another candidate for your collection of caring lip products is our ultra-nourishing Instant Repair Balm, which is formulated with shea butter – an ingredient packed with calming, protective, and regenerating fatty acids – as well as a combination of Nordic berries that protect the skin from damage and uncomfortable reactions.

You can also find a jumbo size of this enriching formula with our Repair Body Balm, which also provides intense treatment for dry patches around your body. A musthave for on-the-go skin SOS’s, if we do say so ourselves.

The takeaway? Our lip products deliver both immediate and long-lasting effects that you (and your lips) can count on.