How your mental health affects your skin


They say that beauty comes from within – and as it turns out, this saying is correct on more than one parameter, as our skin's behavior can depend heavily on hormonal fluctuations and our emotions. In other words: for some, the skin can be a revelation on how we feel inside.  

The connection between our mental well-being and skin health is complex, and various factors can contribute to this relationship.

In this blogpost, we investigate how our mental health can manifest itself on our skin, including signs to look out for. Moreover, we’re exploring some helpful steps that can not only relieve and rebalance our skin, but hopefully also help ease our minds and everyday life.

Acne & breakouts

We’ve touched on the subject of how stress affects our skin in a previous blogpost. Besides leading to bad habits like grinding our teeth, scratching our skin, or biting our lip, chronic stress can also show its symptoms on your skin in numerous ways.

For example, studies have found a correlation between stress and acne/impurities. Stress stimulates a combination of signals within the body, causing it to release hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Though high cortisol levels are a natural response and happen to everyone from time to time, having higher cortisol levels for longer periods of time can pose serious threats to both your physical and mental health. For your skin explicitly, cortisol is suspected to stimulate an overproduction of sebum (the skin’s natural oil) from our sebaceous glands, leading to congested pores and ultimately, painful impurities. 

Begone breakouts

Skincare can serve as an anchor that helps enforce me-time and unwind your mind. Also, skincare can help lead to other beneficial habits that can improve your overall lifestyle. And when we feel like lots of things are out of our hands, it can be helpful to focus on the healthy things we can control – like our daily rituals.

Stress-related breakouts can be a vicious cycle, as we all know that those unwelcome impurities can affect both our comfort and confidence, thereby worsening the concern.

Therefore, we selected some woods_ products that can help treat and combat the formation of impurities. Powerful formulations, yet simple applications that fit into every routine – and results, your skin will thank you for. Learn more about these pore-uncloggers and their enriching properties on our site:

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Dry skin, premature aging signs, & under-eye bags

According to studies, stress can affect the barrier function of your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin), leaving your skin significantly more sensitive and decreasing its ability to retain hydration. The consequences of this reaction can vary, but known symptoms and effects are dryness and itchiness.

Most of us are aware that a destabilized mental health can affect our sleeping pattern negatively – and that tossing and turning all night can worsen our overall health in numerous ways. Well, research has found that our skin also pays the price of poor sleep patterns.

These studies suggest that sleep deprivation can lead to a loss of elasticity and uneven pigmentation. Moreover, lack of sleep can lead dark patches below our eyes as well as puffiness in the eye-area– an uncomfortable feeling, most of us (unfortunately) are familiar with. Add our Complex Eye Cream to your daily regimen to care for the delicate eye area with nourishing ingredients.

Relieve, restore, & rebalance

When we got a lot on our minds, we want to keep our rituals simple. When it comes to restoring a compromised barrier, you can come a long way with a multipurpose moisturizer, but we also collected some other power products that you can use whenever you and your skin crave an extra boost. Learn more about these wonderworkers and their enriching properties on our site:

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Your mental health matters most: Prioritize yourself

There’re no quick-fix remedies to restore imbalanced mental health. Whether you’re battling anxiety, stress, depression, pressure, heartbreak, doubts, uncertainty, or whatever it may be, remember that your feelings are always valid. We gathered some tips that can help ease stressed periods: 

  • Reach out. Family, professionals, a friend, a teacher, a sibling might be a bigger help than you initially thought.
  • Practice healthy lifestyle habits – this can be anything from a short walk outside or drinking a yummy smoothie packed with nutritiousness. Though it can be challenging to begin with, small steps can be the start of a domino effect.
  • Say “no” more often. You're allowed to.
  • Journal your thoughts – you’d be surprised at the relief it can offer.
  • Prioritize me-time: Make room in your calendar for self-care and relaxation.
  • Put your phone away an hour before bed to prevent overstimulation and over-thinking.

Recognizing that you need a helping hand is the first step of progression, and trust us, just having someone to vent to or someone who knows what you’re going through can make an immense difference. Remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spill your heart immediately. We know that it can be intimidating, and it’s completely okay that it will take time. Reaching out and knowing that you’re not alone is the most important part. Because we promise you’re not. And if nobody told you today: You matter, and so do your feelings.

Love, Team woods_.


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