How vitamin-enriched skincare can elevate your routine

Vitamin-enriched skincare

With a new year arriving, we at woods_ are taking a deep dive into how we can create new, valuable habits to promote our skin’s health from the inside out. Today, we’re zooming in on vitamin-enriched skincare.

Why use vitamin-enriched skincare? 

The importance of vitamins in our diets has been acknowledged for a while now, as we know they possess health-optimizing qualities such as stabilizing our metabolism and growth. Therefore, the consumption of vitamins is vital for our overall development and our bodies functioning properly. 

The same thing goes for topical appliance of vitamins – which is why vitamin-enriched skincare is starting to settle on our skincare shelf. Think nourishing and improving properties – face-focused. Not only does the vitamins contain enriching properties, but they also target different skin concerns, making them an essential part of achieving your skin-goals.

But no gate-keeping here – actually, we’ve highlighted some of the most beneficial skincare vitamins out there…

Vitamin A

Research implies that this topical retinoid offers both anti-aging and impurity-fighting properties due to its protective properties and ability to boost cell turnover, collagen- and elastin production in the skin. Hereby, it diminishes the appearance and formation of fine lines, scars, and wrinkles while addressing impurities by exfoliating clogged pores. Win-win! You can receive all the skin-loving benefits in our new Vitamin A Treatment Cream

Vitamin B

Though vitamin B is actually a group of vitamins, vitamin B3, or niacinamide, is the one most often used in skincare products. Niacinamide works as a multipurpose ingredient that targets numerous skincare concerns by soothing irritations, minimizing pores, promoting an even skin tone, increasing elasticity, strengthening barrier function, and reducing hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Intrigued? You can experience all these properties yourself with our Niacinamide Lifting Mist!

Niacinamide Lifting Mist

Vitamin C

AKA a nourishing antioxidant known for its ability to boost collagen production to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Another reason to love this ingredient is its ability to minimize inflammations and flushing while brightening, smoothing, and repairing damaged skin to improve an even skin tone. All this while protecting the skin from free radicals to prevent skin irregularities and premature signs of aging – do we need to say more?

Vitamin C has earned all the hype lately and also found its way into our routines with our Skin Perfector SeboClear and Skin Perfector 2% BHA – two power products both enriched with the skin-optimizing benefits of vitamin C blended with other indulging ingredients.

Vitamin E

You really can’t let your skin miss out on this one – especially if you’re dealing with sensitive or dry skin. With its restorative properties, vitamin E effectively strengthens the skin’s natural barrier to prevent accelerated signs of aging while protecting the skin from free radicals and sun damage. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this ingredient is an essential remedy to treat flushed and irritated skin for a calm and even complexion.

Luckily, these wonderful benefits don’t have to be more than a reach away. You can receive all the enrichment of vitamin E with our soothing and hydrating Vitamin E Serum.

Vitamin E Serum

'Vitamin F'

Most often found in moisturizers and serums, vitamin F helps regulate healthy cell functions while promoting a strong barrier. Simultaneously, it works to reduce inflammations and helps diminish impurities.

Bring this wonderworker and all its benefits to your routine with our Daily Hydra Cream for that perfectly plump and bouncy look. Seal the nourishment afterwards with our Vitamin Face Oil for a smoothing, moisture-encapsulating finish. Truly a match made in skincare heaven.  

Fun fact: This 'vitamin' is actually not a vitamin, but a fatty acid, hence the F. We include it anyway, because it contains enriching properties that help protect and promote healthy skin.

Elevate your topical vitamin appliance

With skincare tools, you can take your vitamin-enriched routine to new heights while enjoying the tightening and toning properties of an indulging treatment. Simply apply your product and massage it gently into your skin with your tool.

Our Gua Sha and Contouring Facial Roller are both perfect candidates to fulfill your designated selfcare days. These tools effectively contours, tones, and lifts skin while promoting a healthy fluid distribution for smoother- and healthier-looking skin. All while working the wonderful properties of your vitamin-enriched products well into your skin.