Common autumn skincare problems – solved

Common autumn skincare problems – solved

Cozy sweaters, candles, and hot tea. Autumn has slowly but steadily caught up to us, and just like we’re modifying our diets and closets, the change of seasons calls for a touch-up on our skincare routines.

Here’s how we help our skin tackle the colder months and avoid the skin-related issues that tend to follow with them.


Chapped lips SOS

Dry and cracked lips are to many a seemingly unavoidable result of the dropping temperatures. And while it can be tempting, our number one advice to defeat chapped lips is: Do not lick them. You may think that your saliva will coat your hydration-begging lips with a layer of moisture, but the truth is that it’ll just leave them even dryer than before.

If you want to make chapped lips history, always having a moisturizing lip balm within reach is the best way to do so. And we’ll gladly present the perfect candidate for the job: Our Lip Repair is formulated with nutrient-rich oils and hyaluronic acid to not only instantly plump and soften your lips, but also help them retain their natural moisture balance and treat damage.

Lip Repair

Goodbye dry and dull, hello glow

If autumn often equals a sallow skin tone for you, you’re not alone. Dry and tired skin is a common issue to many during this season and is often caused by moisture loss and cumulative dead skin cells due to drop in temperatures and low humidity.

The build-up of dead skin cells can even end up clogging your pores, causing breakouts. So, how do we defeat dull skin and make our face a no-breakout zone? Here’s our weekly autumn ritual in two easy steps: 

  1. Intense Peel Mask: A true does-it-all mask with the ability to effectively dissolve dead skin cells while triggering the production of new cells. Rejuvenating results await.
  2. Intense Hyaluronic Mask: One of our absolute favorites – this hero-product is infused with hyaluronic acid, a unique moisturizer that both boosts and protects the skin’s natural moisture balance, while carbamide keeps the skin strong and plump. Need we say more? 

In short, this powerful duo ensures us that summery glow, we’re not ready to let go of.

Oh, and don’t forget… Well, the rest of your body. We love to add a few drops of our Intense Hyaluronic Mask to our daily cream and hand cream to treat and prevent dry and flaky skin and lastly coat our body in our all-natural Nourishing Body Oil for a top-to-toe, smooth finish.

Intense Peel Mask

Redness and irritations - no, thank you 

We’ve already established that harsh weather can be hard on the skin. And to many, the dryness and irritations develop into inflammations, eczema-like conditions, and flushing.

As if the burning sensation and itchiness weren’t enough to deal with, our confidence can suffer a low drop when it feels (and looks like) our skin is working against us.  

Luckily, our Vitamin E Serum is here to save the day. Packed with restorative vitamin E to strengthen and prevent and sodium PCA to revitalize and hydrate, this product is a must-have for your skincare shelf this autumn. Pair it with your favorite rich moisturizer to keep your skin soft and nourished.