Cleansing Balm: Yes it's worth the hype

cleansing balm

Let’s introduce you to Cleansing Balm: The product you didn’t know you needed, but also the product your skin never wants to do without. Formulated with dry and sensitive skin types in mind, our Cleansing Balm effectively rinses off build-up, makeup, and impurities, while leaving the skin nourished and soft to the touch. Everything your skin deserves packed in one wonder-bottle!

And if you’re a true skincare enthusiast like us, you’ll know that cleansing balms are all the fuss these days – so, keep on reading as we dive into all the (good) reasons for this. Smooth, supple, and clean skin awaits!


Cleansing balms and why you (and your skin) need them

Cleansing balms are oil-based cleansers brimming with hydrating ingredients that nourish your skin while ridding it of impurities. The advantages of replacing traditional soap and makeup remover products with cleansing balm lie mainly in the ingredients. The oils in cleansing balms help break down makeup without the need for a rigorous scrub or harsher products. Especially people prone to dry skin will notice a difference when using an oil-based cleanser, as the natural balancing oils in the skin are not stripped away.

Introducing the all-natural woods_ cleansing balm

Our Cleansing Balm is developed with a buttery soft texture which melts away makeup and spreads easily on the skin upon applications. Its light quality washes off effortlessly without leaving any waxy residue. 

Whether you’re using it as a first step in a two-step double cleansing routine or using it alone, you’re assured a thorough cleanse that is gentle on your skin.

Apart from being a gentle cleanser, our Cleansing Balm formula is infused with sweet almond oil which provides long-lasting hydration, safflower seed oil to give your skin a soft and smooth appearance, and rosehip oil for the reduction of fine lines and skin regeneration. Like our other products, our new fragrance-free Cleansing Balm contains purely natural ingredients and is a great addition to your daily skin regimen. And we all know that clean skin is the best canvas for the nourishing products to come.

A cleanser for every skin type

Our Cleansing Balm is formulated to accommodate dry and sensitive skin – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a perfect cleanser-match for you out there, if you have combination or oily skin.

Just reach for our Daily Foaming Cleanser: Formulated with 100% natural cleansing actives, this water-based cleanser will enrich every skin type. With its combination of calming, organic cucumber, protecting aloe vera, and gentle cleansing agents, we’re in no doubt that it will satisfy your skin no matter its cravings. The result is soft, cleansed, and strengthened skin – with all its natural oils intact.