Elevate your body care routine

Body care with Body Wash and Body Lotion

When doing and talking skincare, we tend to forget the skin from our neck down. However, the skin on our body is just as prone to developing dry patches, inflammations, irritations, or impurities – meaning, it deserves just as much devoted attention as our face.

Therefore, we welcomed Soothing Body Wash and Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion to our line of indulging body care to take your selfcare rituals to the next level. Whether you adore refreshing in the morning or ending off your night with a warm shower and an oh-so-smooth lotion, these body care products got you covered (literally). Keep reading, as we take you through some of their multiple benefits, that you can’t let your skin miss out on. 

Fresh, clean, soft - meet Soothing Body Wash 

There’s nothing better than the fresh scent and soft touch of an effective and enriching body wash. When formulating our Soothing Body Wash, we had both the body and environment in mind as the addition of plant-derived surfactants allows it to thoroughly cleanse the skin without disturbing its natural oils or harming the environment.

With an indulging mix of soothing and protecting antioxidants and organic aloe vera as well as calming and regenerating natural Amaranthus caudatus seed extract, dousing your skin with nourishment has never been more at hand. Besides these soothing properties, cleansing your body properly after a long day is an essential step to prevent breakouts from forming on your arms, back – well, on your whole body, actually.

And as it turns out, several magazines couldn’t let this wonderworker pass them by – and we understand why! For example, Fucking Young! Magazine praised our Soothing Body Wash for its content of “antioxidants, organic aloe vera, and natural Amaranthus caudatus seed extract to calm, protect, and regenerate the skin” and added that: “Most importantly, it cleans while restoring not stripping.”

With that addition, make sure to let your body enjoy all the nutritious properties of this indulging treatment to exit the shower with smooth and buttery-soft skin with a fresh note of natural lemon, iris, and rose.

Why your body lotion needs niacinamide 

Niacinamide. To some, we might not need to say more about this wonderworker, but we’d love to highlight why this key ingredient is such an essential addition to this super-smoothing body lotion. Niacinamide is a well-acknowledged ingredient that tackles numerous skincare concerns by applying concentrated care by e.g. strengthening the skin’s barrier function and promoting a healthy balance in the skin.

Ultimately, this will leave the skin’s defenses stronger and encourage a healthy appearance and environment on the skin, which will make it less likely to develop new concerns. Added to the enriching 5% niacinamide in the formulation is a blend of organic aloe vera as well as botanical extracts that work to leave the skin rejuvenated, supple, and radiant.

Though this bottle of skincare-goodies treats the skin with immediate and intense hydration, it manages to pass the get-dressed test time after time with its fast-absorbing abilities. Meaning: There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t pamper your skin with our Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion. But, just for fun, let’s add one more benefit to the mix: With its regenerating and soothing benefits, this body treatment effectively clams skin in reaction to leave an even surface.

This skin-loving body lotion has since its release gained well-deserved attention from several magazines. For example, we couldn’t agree more with Børsen Pleasure, who acknowledged our initiative to bring the benefits of niacinamide from the face to the body, whereas Fucking Young! Magazine described this body lotion as “especially great if you get flare-ups on your body.”

The takeaway? Whether the goal is to unwind or refreshen, our Soothing Body Wash and Niacinamide Repair Body Lotion is a powerful duo that will boost your selfcare routine in numerous ways.