Arctic water: The secret to glowing skin?

artic water - glowing skin

Want to know the secret ingredient behind woods_' skincare products? Say hello to Arctic water — responsibly sourced from a natural spring in northern Greenland. From our Daily Hydra Cream to Intense Hyaluronic Mask, this crystal-clear glacial water brings its glow-enhancing benefits to all our formulas.

When setting out to create a clean and highly effective skincare line, pure Arctic spring water was the natural choice for us — not only does it maximize hydration, but it’s also entirely toxin-free. To ensure there is no damage to the natural environment, the water is tapped by a local Greenlandic workforce and transported directly to Denmark on cargo ships that would otherwise return empty.   

Here’s our guide to why you need Arctic water in your beauty regime…


Pollution is widely known to be a major generator of free radicals — these are unstable molecules that cause damage to our cells and trigger signs of premature skin aging. Protecting your skin against these harmful effects is one of the first rules of skincare. The Arctic water in woods_' products has never met human pollution. As the liquid form of Greenlandic glaciers and cold Arctic air, you can rest assured that our water is free from toxins, pesticides, and phthalates (chemical compounds primarily used to make plastic).


The purity of Arctic water allows ingredients to work harder and absorb more effectively into the skin. In fact, the mineral level of the water used in our products is less than 50 TDS. This is a scientific measure of the dissolved content of substances (like calcium and chloride) present in a liquid. To put that into context, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking water up to 500 TDS — our products only contain a tenth of this accepted level. The Arctic water contained in our skincare products is some of the purest natural water you’ll find on earth.


Hydration is the ultimate goal in every skincare regime. Put simply, it’s the answer to achieving soft, plump, and luminous skin. While drinking plenty of water is essential for a hydrated and balanced complexion, it’s also one of the most widely used ingredients in skincare products. Arctic water, in particular, is rich in oxygen. It therefore provides the intense hit of hydration that is vital for restoring your skin’s natural protective barrier.


Arctic water is a powerful delivery vehicle for active ingredients. This enables the water to transport skin enriching ingredients, like antioxidants, directly into the epidermis, whilst maintaining the luxurious texture and consistency of all our products.