Four healthy habits to kickstart 2023

Healthy Habits

Besides colorful fireworks lighting up the sky and fun party hats, a set of New Year’s resolutions often follow as the year comes to an end. As many others, we view the new year as a new chapter, filled with new possibilities and opportunities – meaning; it’s the ideal time to incorporate some healthy habits to start off the year strong (and keep it running smoothly).

In this blog post, we take you through 4 essential habits that’ll help keep your mind, body, and skin healthy and happy throughout 2023 – and beyond!

1. Vitamin-enriched inside out 

It’s no surprise that maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is one of the top New Year’s resolutions for many. And what’s an essential part of a proper diet? Vitamins!

Getting our vitamins is vital for numerous reasons, as they help our body function properly as well as making us feel (and look) good!

But our body is not the only thing vitamins help nourish and strengthen. Actually, our skin gets lots of benefits from topical appliances of vitamin-enriched skincare as well, as these products can help target and combat different skin concerns to leave our complexion optimized and visibly healthier. The conclusion? Consuming vitamins through our diet is not the only way to enjoy their enrichment – so make sure to stock your shelf with these health- and balance-boosting wonderworkers.

2. Better nights equal better days

It’s not the best-kept secret of the century that a good sleep schedule has a huge effect on how we feel, look, and function in general. Getting those Zzzs in will both leave you energized and prepared for the day to come, but as your body goes into repair mode at night, it’ll also increase the overall health of both your body and skin. Double win!

3. Getting stronger - including your skin

When January comes around, we march towards the gym in fellowship… No, but seriously. Many of us view the new year as an opportunity to kickstart a healthy workout routine – it’s all about finding out what works for you.

But when running miles and piling on weights to build up your body, don’t forget to strengthen your skin while you’re at it.

Meet Contouring Facial Roller – your face’s new personal trainer. This beneficial tool applies a de-puffing massage to stimulate healthy blood flow while toning, lifting, and smoothing the skin. And did somebody say indulging face yoga? Meet Sculpting Face Gua Sha, a true power product that provides the skin with a cooling, soothing, and powerful deep-tissue massage to release muscular tensions, boost lymphatic drainage and blood circulation while sculpting and tightening skin. Perfect for those me-time days, we mentioned earlier!

Facial Roller

4. Structure up

Some say your room reflects your mind – but whether you thrive in organized chaos or can’t relax unless every corner is spotless, feeling overwhelmed by a filled to-do list can cause increased stress levels and make plans you initially were looking forward to seem unmanageable. And we don’t want that.  

With structure follows an overview, which can help keep you aligned with your schedule and make room for some me-time. Here’s how we keep our minds calm and collected when plans seem to pile up:

#1 Make meal plans 

Many brush this trick off because they believe it to be too time consuming when in reality, making a meal plan can help you save a bunch of time, money, and grocery trips.

Sitting down for maybe twenty minutes and planning your meals can also help you stay on track with that balanced diet, you desire. And if you’re one of those people who are often on-the-go, make your meals freezer-friendly (you’d be surprised if you google the opportunities), invite friends over, or save it for lunch!

#2 Keep a to-do list, planner, or calendar

Not only will this ensure that you don’t forget any important chores or plans, but it’ll also supply you with a valuable overview – and let’s be honest, nothing feels more rewarding than ticking off those boxes.  

#3 Get a diary

To some, a diary is a staple in their daily routines – to others, it's a remain of nostalgia from high school. Nonetheless, a diary can be an effective way to navigate your thoughts and feelings, and many experience a sense of relief after scribbling down their frustrations, excitement, or concerns. Meanwhile, it’ll give you a feeling of sharing while still keeping private things private.

New year, new me (... in progress)!

As with everything else, new and healthy habits are all about consistency. But when being consistent gets tough, try to turn your focus from when you missed out to the new day approaching. And remember: Incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life is not a one-step process – but don’t worry, it’ll get easier with time. We promise it’ll be worth it.