Prepare your skin for spring

spring skin

Spring has officially arrived! The weather gets warmer, the sky turns blue, and the sun comes out. So, of course, we want to prep our skin for the season to come and make it look as healthy and glowing as possible. If you want your skin to appear at its best all time, using an exfoliating scrub regularly is a must. There is just something special about the way your skin feels after an exfoliation – it's almost like you’re setting your skin back to its natural, fresh state. Just like a spring clean!

Want to know the many benefits of using a face scrub and why you should make it a staple in your beauty regime, then keep reading.

Regeneration of the skin

Just like the cells in our body, our skin also renews and regenerates itself. As we age, this process of renewing slows down. This is also by cause of other factors like our lifestyle and genes. At the same time, the natural enzymes in our skin that remove dead skin cells become less effective. This prevents our skin from reflecting the light and can make our complexion appear more dull and rough. We can’t fight time, but something we can do is take good care of our skin and prevent the early signs of aging.

exfoliate and scrub

Why use a scrub? 

When we exfoliate and use a scrub, we remove old and dead skin cells from the skin's surface to reveal new and healthy cells. By exfoliating and massaging the skin, you promote oxygen-rich blood to flow to the surface of the skin, thereby feeding and waking up the skin. This process encourages to the production of new skin cells and promotes cellular health. Besides leaving you with a fresh, glowing complexion, using a scrub comes with a long list of essential benefits, we will share below.   

5 brilliant benefits of scrubbing – And these are just some of them!

1. Helps to unclog pores
Everyday, our skin is exposed to outside factors like weather, pollution in the air, and other bacteria. This can cause dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil to build up and clog our pores and take the shape of what you better know (or fear) as blackheads and whiteheads. By not exfoliating, the impurities get stuck under the layer of dead skin, which can cause the skin to break out.

2. It boosts circulation
When you scrub, you activate the skin from the inside out by stimulating blood flow. Besides boosting the circulation in the skin, you also stimulate lymphatic drainage – put in a more ‘day-to-day’ language: You help the skin detoxify and get rid of old toxins.

3. It helps other skincare products penetrate deeper
Having your pores unclogged and clean allow other skincare products like serums, skin tonics, and moisturizers to penetrate even deeper and work more effectively into the skin. That way, you will get much more out of the products on your bath shelf and they will also have a more visible effect.

4. Improves skin texture and evens out skin tone 
Exfoliation has, as you see, many benefits and can also help boost your skin's overall radiance and glow. By using a scrub regularly, you will not only discover an improvement of the skin texture, but your skin will also appear more smooth and even.

5. Before you exfoliate It’s always a good idea to use a cleanser or toner before you exfoliate, since this will ensure that all surface dirt is removed and make your skin properly prepared before scrubbing.

How often 

Since scrubbing and exfoliating are more invasive than other steps in your skincare routine, you should use it with care and accordingly to your skin type. People who tend to have more dry and sensitive skin should start carefully by using a scrub once or twice a week. People who tend to have combined- to oily skin can use a scrub more frequently – around three times a week – and should adjust the volume according to their skin's needs. We all have different skin and react differently to products, so finding a good scrubbing routine that works for you is key if you want an ultra-dewy complexion.    

Our mild Deep Cleansing Scrub is a perfect choice if you want a gentle but effective exfoliation that does the job ans infuses the skin with an effective composition of active ingredients. The scrub consist of fine grains, made from biodegradable natural volcanic rock that calmly polishes the skin and remove unwanted impurities. The small grains help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Glycolic acid – a multi miracle

When you choose a scrub, one of the best ingredients you can come across is glycolic acid. woods_ copenhagen’s Deep Cleansing Scrub contains glycolic acid, which is a super effective remedy that not only attracts moisture but also hydrates the skin. More importantly, glycolic acid is a fruit acid that provides a gentle chemical peel on the skin and thus stimulates the formation of new skin cells while retaining moisture (which makes our scrub super ideal for dry skin).

Once the glycolic acid has found its way into the pores, it works optimally on loosening impurities and leaving the skin clean and fresh. It’s therefore a good idea to leave our scrub on for 1-2 minutes, so the acid can work in depth. With its effective formula the magic ingredient does not only treat breakouts, but is also known for tackling hyperpigmentation, dullness, and signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

deep cleansing scrub and energizing scrub

Don't forget 

It’s important to follow up with a serum and a moisturizer after exfoliating your skin, as these will nourish and hydrate the newly uncovered skin and protect the moisture balance. Using a good and restorative cream like woods_ copenhagen’s Daily Hydra Cream will leave your skin nourished, damped, and perfectly ready for the day ahead!   

 .. At this point, you shouldn't need much more persuasion as to why you should make scrubbing a part of your regular skincare routine. So, if you want your skin to appear at its best 24/7 and get that radiant, healthy glow – start scrubbing! 

Psst... Leaving your scrub on when taking a bath has 2 perfect benefits; 1: A hot bath opens your pores, allowing the scrub's nourishing and cleansing ingredients to penetrate deeper and more effectively into the skin. 2: Achieve two things at once by including a scrub in the shower when you’re cleansing your skin anyway – it doesn’t get more convenient than this!